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The "Holistic Vision"
"I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you wake in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there; I did not die."

As we awaken to planetary issues, as much as at moments of personal crisis, we may find ourselves being stretched, facing issues that seem too big even to be real. We may start to doubt all we've ever been taught, we may ask inwardly for some kind of direct experience of a beneficent spiritual reality - or we may find ourselves encountering unknown, unexpected paranormal experiences. This can be exciting, fulfilling, liberating. It can also be scary.

I know (this is Lucy Skywalker). I've been there - and I still return regularly to an inner desert, a wilderness of failure, doubt, fear, you name it, I've seen it - yet every time I face it in its raw truth, its nature, without allowing judgement or judgementalism from myself or anyone else, I've found precious wisdom and strength. Though I'm not an alcohoholic but an Asperger-in-recovery, carrying the Magdalene energy, I understand how the Twelve Steps apply to the planet now, calling the whole of humankind ...

I know that Spirit is aware of our planetary situation, and I still believe that Spirit can help us, IF WE ARE IN REAL NEED and if we ASK, but I also believe passionately that Spirit will not help us SOLVE our planetary problems until ALL of us are using ALL our human abilities in ALL the practical issues, as far as we can... We need to build solidarity, to face the ugly facts with equanimity, to build up our inner resources...

"Most of us have been caught up from birth in ways of life belonging to a civilization which cannot continue in its present forms for very much longer, insofar as it is in danger of destroying, for good, resources upon which these ways of life depend, either through pollution, or through harvesting faster than Nature can replace, or through exhaustion of non-renewable resources. Since the Industrial Revolution, Man has acquired an increasing dependence on limited resources, without realizing or accepting that such a lifestyle is wantonly destructive and possibly suicidal for mankind altogether...

"One reason that most people do not see the need to feel personally responsible for the crisis today is the way it has been creeping up insidiously, so that in a sense we are all accomplices. The fact that the scale of the crisis is unprecedented in textbook human history is also very difficult to accept or imagine, and frequently a glimpse of it threatens our sense of security so badly that we find it too painful to go on looking, and refuse to acknowledge what we have seen...

"Yet there is a growing number of people who are waking up, a growing body of information about the seriousness of the situation, and the opportunity for spiritual re-integration at a higher, more conscious level which the crisis is offering..."
From "Apocalyptic Vision", written in 1981. 

The holistic vision affirms: the essential importance of being positive; the interconnectedness of all life; the notion of this existence as a school of learning; the reality of the spiritual worlds, both accessible to our direct experience, and able to touch the densest physical levels (there is masses of well-referenced evidence); the primacy of our inner resources; the search both "within" and "without" to find whatever can best deal with whatever problematic "realities" are most pressing. Thus the holistic vision can embrace the partial truth and partial usefulness of materialism, while not accepting it as the essential Reality.   See holistic booklist here

We can support each other, and draw on the wisdom of others. There are facts on the ecological breakdown from scientific sources and the "good" media; helpful spiritual material on the apocalyptic shift and planetary awakening is available; help in coping personally can come from many sources - psychology, Life Coaching, dreams, friends, teachers, Christianity, in fact any positive religion or spirituality. The concern of this website is to enable all these to work together for the good of all.

We hope to collect something of the best of inspiration available, right across the spectrum, practical, poetic, wise, friendly, and spiritually sensitive material. A Quotes page has been started! Read The Celestine Prophecy if you haven't already done so - it is not a perfect plot, but it is excellent as a "fantasy" describing the very real planetary challenge. And the Harry Potter series is even more relevant and incisively perceptive of the global challenges.

We started off small with Dragonfly Trust. First we were slow and earthbound and even our vision was limited, then we grew wings... then we saw others growing wings too... We can call this holistic vision...


...Planetary Initiative

...a creative response to a growing awareness of the many planetary imbalances today: the population explosion, the arms race, nuclear and financial secrecy and cover-ups, exhaustion of resources, extinction of species, pollution, the widening gap between rich and poor, breakdown of social cohesion, and "the Seventh Enemy", apathy. awareness of responsibility for beauty and life on this planet; a responsibility that begins with ourselves as individuals who are prepared to change ourselves in response to the needs we perceive.

...a cooperation between individuals, groups and organizations working for healing at personal, local and worldwide levels.

...decentralized and adaptable to local needs and resources. to all who see the immense problems facing humankind today, who may be aware of the many signs of spiritual breakthrough which also exist, and who wish to do what they can to help.

...endeavouring to be open to truth in whatever form it presents itself, inside or outside Christianity or any religion.

...learning to practice discernment, guarding above all what is essential, the "pearl of great price", at each step of the journey.

Underlying this is the theme of re-awakening and transformation; that what was feared dead is alive; that the Great Spirit of the Universe, the Right Hand of the Power, the Christ Spirit by whatever name, re-awakens and transforms, but does not destroy, the enduring ancient wisdom that is still with us in many forms, under many names; that as many are said to have prophesied, the time of this reawakening is our own age; and that the place for it is here in our own community and within ourselves.