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Joanna Macy
  The Great Turning set in historical context - very concise
Richard Heinberg
  Peak Oil and the coming crunch - Part 1 and Part 2
Rob Hopkins 
  Transition Towns - the positive response to Peak Oil and Climate Change - building resilience and re-localizing - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Bob Carter
  Australian professor gives a short overview on the difficulties of assessing the true state of the climate and developing a true and unpolitical Climate Science
Booklist of Awakening
This is a personal list of books that were eye-openers in "planetary awakening";
to us and to many others, facing the crisis positively also means deepening and changing one's understanding of Reality, Life, Healing, and Hope, and learning to "Be The Change"

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  Rob Hopkins' essential handbook for Transition
Peak Everything
  Richard Heinberg's latest book explains how so much more than oil is peaking now - including uranium! so it's essential to take all together.
  principles and pathways beyond sustainability - David Holmgren
  Boost Your Inner Strengths, Break Through Blocks and Achieve Inspired Action - Chris Johnstone. People say when they find this book they need no other.
Primer on CO2 and climate   Prof Hayden: the simple basic science so you can see for yourself
The Deniers   Lawrence Solomon: top scientists speak out against anthropogenic global warming
Curious About Climate Science   A personal but well-recommended primer in climate science and story of U-turn


What Can I Do
  Ram Dass' second-to-none collection of true stories 
Wisdom Circles
  Charles Garfield, Cindy Spring, Sedonia Cahill -
how to set-up and run small local groups with wisdom and power 
Coming Back to Life 
  Joanna Macy's uptodate handbook on "Despair & Empowerment" work
 The 10-minute Life Coach
  Fiona Harrold Make your passion for the planet work -
I want to see this book rewritten for "Rainbow Warriors"!
Rising Out of Chaos
  Simon Peter Fuller - "the new Heaven & the new Earth"
The Seventh Enemy
  Ronald Higgins Analysis by retired diplomat of our planetary apocalyptic challenge - written in the 70's but still relevant.  The seventh Enemy is Apathy
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How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World, by Michael Dowd. Tremendous, vital work, praised by scientists from a far wider provenance than those of Intelligent Design. We have long disliked the faction-forming that has emerged in both creationism and evolutionism - we believe there are truths and serious limitations on both sides. This book finally does a much-needed repair job in building common ground to reach deeper truths.

Evolution, Creationism, and other modern Myths
  Prof. Vine Deloria - an exposition of the fallibilities in both camps - still without apparent knowledge of the books below. He shows how scientists routinely bury anti-evolutionary evidence, and encourages his students to think for themselves...
  We believe this process needs to be taken even further. The remaining books listed here are books of quality. We do not need to agree with every word to recognize they have important challenging hypotheses that can make us think again and can enlarge our understanding.
Descent of Woman
  Elaine Morgan - groundbreaking theory & evidence for evolution of human form
Man and Animal
  Hermann Poppelbaum - clear but subtle physical evidence for a fundamental difference between the human kingdom and the animal kingdom. This is also a very readable entry into the holistic way of thinking of Rudolf Steiner.
Phenomenon of Man
  Teilhard de Chardin - a lyrical account of evolution, rooted in both Science and Christianity, that has both a spiritual source and a spiritual purpose and destiny
  Christian O'Brien - serious evidence suggesting that at least some humans are the result of genetic engineering by spiritual beings in the "Garden of Eden" 
  Michael Cremo - evidence overthrowing current limits of orthodox evolution theory - and challenging the integrity of the Science that investigates it
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  People don't think of skepticism as being naive. And true skepticism is essential to Science. But such bodies as CSICOP can be called at best naive and at worst inquisitorial. For there is plenty of evidence, culled scientifically as well as anecdotally, that miracles do happen, that near-death-experiences (NDE) testify to true out-of-body perceptions, and that the supernatural is not only real but can intervene in the natural order of things at significant moments - especially if this is asked for - prayed for.
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
  Thomas Kuhn - "anomalies" lead to discoveries - "heresies" to the older generation, they require a "paradigm shift" in consciousness.
Explaining the Unexplained
  Hans Eysenck & Carl Sargent - a classic overview, meticulously demonstrates "psi" under rigorous laboratory conditions, discusses why "psi" is notoriously difficult to "come to heel" using "normal" scientific methodology, and looks at the skeptics' own biassed, unscientific dismissals of what they call "pseudoscience", in particular the history of CSICOP.
The Second Coming of Science
  Brian O'Leary - an excellent successor to Eysenck
The Field
  Lynne McTaggart - a classic bestseller and successor to Eysenck and O'Leary - although neither of these important books are even mentioned in the book. Why? Is this because "pseudoscience" still gets routinely inquisitor'd and buried?
Carl Sagan & Immanuel Velikovsky
  Charles Ginenthal - shows that "Sagan was indeed a poor and even dishonest debunker". This is our opinion too, about Sagan's extremely popular book "The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark" - many other books in this booklist alone show there is plenty of top-quality evidence that Sagan ignores for the stuff he dismisses. Ah, people don't like to be challenged.


  People don't think of Science as able to handle inner realities except by using the external, physical tools appropriate to external, physical phenomena. But this is a limitation that we create in our own thinking. How, says Steiner, can Science be limited by such thinking? To give Thinking such a right, we have to consider the objective nature of Thinking itself. And in so doing, we open the path to a deeper understanding of what is truly objective. Thus what we experience inwardly can also come under the scientific discipines of meticulous examination of evidence (=experiments) and looking for patterns (=theories, hypotheses, laws). And this works well and fruitfully with traditional scientific examination, in looking at Nature.
Philosophy of Freedom
  Rudolf Steiner sets out his proof of the objectivity of thinking - this lays the foundation for the whole subsequent development of "Spiritual Science" as a rational inquiry that anyone can pursue, where Steiner shows the way but we need to develop the work further by our own observations.
Man and Animal
  Herman Poppelbaum - shows how the traditional scientific division into "animal vegetable and mineral" is scientifically enlarged to include Man as a separate division (which we all know intuitively) by paying attention to subtle differences.
Metamorphosis of Plants
  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Goethean Science is a whole new science that is increasingly being recognized. It shows the observation of pattern and beauty in plants to have scientific significance and to lead towards perceiving, at the level of Life itself, the non-physical phenomenon we call "life"
Projective Geometry
  Olive Whicher - a geometry that grasps two kinds of space, "physical" and "etheric" - this helps one understand the forms in the plant world
Earth and Man
  Karl Koenig - a classic that shows with clarity the best of Steiner's thinking - unfortunately, many of Steiner's transcribed lectures are too abstruse to evaluate easily (a mystique that led to Steiner-worship, the last thing Steiner wanted!)
Biodynamic Agriculture
  Alex Podolinsky - brought this to Australia where it's been developed more than anywhere else - BD farms stay green where conventional farm land turns brown
Secrets of the Soil
  Tompkins and Bird - the most wonderful collection of unorthodox scientific work including work inspired by biodynamic methods and by the Findhorn community's links with the nature spirits and devas.


The Cross and the Switchblade
  Wilkerson Classic - Miracles happen to a disaffected New York youth
The Torn Veil
  Esther Gulshan Jesus appears to a Muslim cripple - and heals her 
Happiest People on Earth 
  Demos Shakarian Miracles - Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International
Secrets of the Beloved Disciple
   James Twyman - magical encounter with Church of John & Mary
Jesus and the Essenes
  Dolores Cannon - first-hand "far memory" account with substantial time spent in discussing how she did her work, and the integrity of her methods
  Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion - vital "channelled" account from Mary Magdalene
  Margaret Starbird - precious research about Mary Magdalene
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Disappearance of the Universe
  Gary Renard - St Thomas and St Thaddaeus "drop in" one day... VERY special - this is a MUST READ rollercoaster of a book!
The Magic of Findhorn
  Paul Hawken - the original classic story, warts and all, but the transcendent beauty and critical importance of this story shine through.
Embraced by the Light
  Betty J Eadie - the best Near-Death-Experience account you will find anywhere
Mutant Message Down Under
  Marlo Morgan - unparalleled moving story of White-Aborigine encounter - but also representative of many unparalleled stories coming out today
Celestine Prophecy
  James Redfield - classic "novel" of spiritual awakening & challenge today
Magic Casements
  classic collection of sacred poetry - favourite collection of Sir George Trevelyan  
Tao Te Ching
  Lao Tzu - unsurpassed "simple" spiritual classic
Secrets of the Talking Jaguar
  Martin Prechtel classic shamanic initiatory journey - a biography
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    Read A Little Book of Coincidences for its sheer beauty. It draws on no belief, but demonstrates the extravaganza of mathematical beauty in the solar system. It's an argument from Nature for an intelligence behind the physical appearances, if ever there was one. The Star Mirror likewise. These can open your eyes to the intimate, enraptured stargazing that ancient people knew, before the time of electricity, out of which "star wisdom" arose naturally.
A Little Book of Coincidences
  John Martineau - unparalleled cosmic mathematical beauty - Sun Moon & planets
Mutant Message Down Under
  Marlo Morgan - unparalleled moving story of White-Aborigine encounter - talks about their perception of coming from the stars, seen in their artwork
  Paul LaViolette - unique scientific evidence for ancient cosmic cataclysm
  Geoff Stray - an extraordinary array of evidence, not just the Mayan calendar
Movement & Rhythm of the Stars
  Joachim Schultz - makes visible the geometrical patterns of beauty that the Sun, Moon and planets weave around us - draws on Rudolf Steiner
The Only Planet of Choice
  Phyllis Schlemmer - Essential Briefings from Deep Space - "a provocative mind-opening experience"
The Star Mirror
  Mark Vidler - amazing - beauty and relevance to NOW
Hamlet's Mill
  G. di Santillana & H. von Dechend - was this the last great academic inspiration?
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Edgar Cayce
  Seer and healer extraordinary - I recommend Harmon Bro's biography
Louise Hay 
  Recognize the "messages" of your symptoms - healed herself of cancer
Brandon Bays 
  "The Journey" through healing cancer - and resultant workshop
Bernie Siegel  
  Love, Medicine & Miracles - by a doctor who knows doctors' sticking-points! 
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