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9 Directions
to Life

Nine "Directions of Life" 

To these seven directions, add "Past" and "Future" to make nine


Back to Basics
Newcomers - and Refreshments

It's really important to be willing, and not ashamed, to go "back to basics" all the time in this "Great Transition Time". The challenges are so deep that the basics of life we have taken for granted for our whole lifetime and longer, are being challenged. How many man-hours does a gallon of petrol represent? Both "mere Christianity" and such as Rudolf Steiner can help us reexamine basic life issues and see them with new eyes. Transition Towns continually needs "Back To Basics" wisdom as new people join, and others need refreshment. Go to top

We need a lot of Research and Collaboration to get the basic facts out so that everyone is aware. But it starts with wake-up calls like the realization of the precariousness of Peak Oil and our collective unpreparedness.

Rainbow Warriors
Youth - Finding one's Abilities and Life Purpose, Vision Questing

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting,
And cometh from afar;
Not in entire forgetfullness,
And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come
From God, who is our home:
Heaven lies about us in our infancy!

Shades of the prison-house begin to close
Upon the growing boy,
But He beholds the light, and whence it flows,
He sees it in his joy;
The Youth, who daily farther from the east
Must travel, still is Nature's Priest,
And by the vision splendid
Is on his way attended;
At length the Man perceives it die away,
And fade into the light of common day.

Native American wisdom never forgot to give space to honour the need of youth to face challeges to come of age and find oneself. The Rainbow-2000 camps (UK) carry the Native American tradition lightly to hold “magical interactive” energy creatively. Steiner's “Anthroposophy”, by transforming scientific method into a tool for reading the Book of Life, enables many young people to find their path, webmistress here included. It is greatly needed, for core reform of Education and Universities, to bring through proper room for holistic awakening. Go to top

Honouring the Seventh Generation
Balance & Wisdom of the Elders

Seven generations (around 150 years) ago, the keepers of the Native American wisdom teachings knew that they were threatened with extinction and loss of their sacred traditions. They also knew, from these very same sacred traditions, that after seven generations, people would start to wake up, and would desperately need to pick up these sacred traditions again, and this time it would be not only the Red races, but also many others.

So they wove the essence of their teachings into artefacts that would survive. We are now living at the time when this prophecy is coming to fulfilment. Signs and wonders have been seen by those who look and treasure such things. Seven generations means not only seven generations back, but also seven generations forward. It is a way of re-attuning to both SUSTAINABILITY and SACRED PURPOSE. It is work that older people could do particularly well, say through U3A, to honour and re-discover their sacred purpose and connectedness with Life as Elders. Go to top

Planetary Initiative
"Male" outward-reaching - starting enterprises

We need ventures that are developing the principles of “Right Livelihood”, where anyone who cares about helping the planet can work and learn vital skills with holistic codes of excellence. Transition Towns are, at last, taking account of the huge unseen effect of population explosion here.

Transition Towns!..........

Before the Green World Trust, we set up the Magdalene House Trust, that ran a charity shop and drop-in centre with resources for help and prayer. We helped homeless people and people with difficulties towards rehabilitation. It ran very well, was much appreciated, and there was enormous learning and growth for all. We need Social Enterprise that works from the perspective of "helping people helping the planet". Life Coaching is important. The “Be The Change” conference addresses planetary issues with social enterprise initiatives at a highly professional level. Go to top

Healing & Community
"Female" inclusiveness - Healing & Reconciliation...

Healing: We all have a sense of when the “human scale” of reality is being ignored. This links directly to our own health and wellbeing. A large factor in healing is the “will to live”. And intimately connected with this is being a useful member of society - passing on "Rolling Help" to others and to the planet, seeking the positive, honouring one's skills whatever one's limitations. I hope that in time, every surgery and every healing centre will have a local “Healing, Self-help and Rolling Help” group that they can refer patients to.

Reconciliation, Building Community, Solidarity: One can draw on “Satyagraha” or “Truth-Power” from Mahatma Gandhi, “Speaking Truth to Power” from the Quakers, the work of James Twyman, Joanna Macy, Eckhart Tolle, and others. One can listen for “win-win” options where nobody wins at the expense of others.  We can agree to hold "safe space" for deep emotional issues to be heard without judgement. This way one learns to respect important issues hidden within every so-called fundamentalism and every disability. Go to top

Sustainability and Permaculture – foundations in Reality

This is the "direction" of Earth - healthy sustainability. 'Civilised man has marched across the face of the earth and left a desert in his footprints.' The Industrial Revolution first disconnected people from sustainability awareness. It then enabled population increase, now mindless of future problems.There are dire threats now with the end of cheap oil looming; however there are also miracle developments like Biodynamic agriculture, the Amazon charcoal, and Aronia. But we also need to reconnect, each of us, to the elements of sacred Nature and sustainability, thoughtfully and with passion and wonder. Native American wisdom helps.
"Maximum contemplation; minimum action" - Thinking before you act. It is a question of ingenuity, research, reading the Book of Life, and implementing principles you discover. This can range from choosing what you eat, how you travel, the type of work you do, and where you live, to working with others to create a community food-growing project. Go to top

Be Your Best Self - and help build Solidarity
Life Coaching for Planetary Citizenship

In holding centre we are discovering, awakening, and empowering ourselves; keeping balanced; reading the Book of Life. Closely linked is a reawakening sense of the sacred, so easily lost sight of, yet it is our most precious resource and heritage. Also closely linked is the need to reach out to help others, to work towards solidarity. This is especially important if we are to survive the coming planetary crises with grace. Life Coaching can also help greatly.

What is sacred to me may not be what is important and precious to you. Great Spirit is always changing form, “blowing somewhere”, drawing us out. But there are valid steps and goals on the way. Someone said “Seek and you will find” and partly because this is such a precious truth, this person is very well-known.

Transition Towns belongs here, right at the centre, able to hold all 9 directions... Go to top

Spiritual Grace and Gifts
Inner transformation -
"honey from the stars"

We need all truth, distilling the “nectar” of many experiences, traditions and paths into “honey”, to focus on how we can best serve and develop at this critical but also exciting time in human history. From "Above" come - Inspiration - Wisdom - Intuition - and Miracles.

Bees have a sacred function, but bees can sting too, though they lose their lives in so doing.

Two thousand years ago, the Essene community at Qumran developed as the last “star age” was drawing to a close and the way forward really needed to be found. People carrying the most precious traditions of the planet met there and lived there, to bring forth the essence and the best. There is evidence that Jesus and John the Baptist studied here. It appears that what Christianity teaches is only part of what Jesus himself practised and taught. Other religions have preserved other fragments of the Great Truth of the Universe.

Different religious traditions arose in heartfelt response to critical social situations in human history. But almost invariably, priestcraft takes over in time. This is just a fact of life, though reform is always possible. The esoteric traditions usually started as heartfelt attempts to hold out against priestcraft when priestcraft had become materially oppressive, yet they too have their share of priestcraft. But the direct line to Spirit is always open - "Seek, and you will find".

Sustaining the Web of Life
Living in proactive response to the planetary crisis

Some have attempted for a long time to respond creatively to the great challenges of today's planetary situation. They have known about coming shortages of everything. They have seen the writing on the wall. They have known how deeply most other people have not wanted to know, and how many reasons such people have found for avoiding the truth. They have learned to wrestle very well with despair and have learned to handle others' apathy with courtesy, ingenuity, and enthusiasm. They are the bridge-builders across this waste land.

Some have just naturally wanted "The Truth". Some have had lifelong handicaps that have taught them to fight, to be positive, to cope with being different, to investigate the truth for themselves, and not to assume that society's appointed experts are the ones best qualified to handle the present situation.

P - follow your Passion. I - keep your Integrity. A - stay Attentive. N - stay Non-judgemental. O - Open your mind to the wonders of life. P - I - A - N - O. It is above all a quiet revolution where it most matters, deep in your heart and soul.

Are you one of these?

Will you join the ranks? Fight the spiritual fight for the planet?


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