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Welcome to Green World Trust
an unusual approach to sustainability

We believe "Think Global Act Local" translated to our local support group and our global information website. And we believe in transparent, accountable science.

Meet us here; visit us here in Somerset, UK.

This website is designed to promote thoughtful awareness of the nature of some major challenges to the human race at this time; and to consider creative ways to meet them. The threats are often not the well-known ones that people claim; a major part of the problems is "fundamentalist" alarms that are often geared to lining a few pockets. We include in-depth information about Climate Science, and refer to the idea of Peak Oil, to finite resources generally, and to some less-known alternative energy sources. We address some questions about population growth. We journeyed ourselves from a naive belief in Global Warming to a home-grown, well-informed, science-based scepticism. We share information about bright ideas and good work, which currently major on Climate Science and attempts to bring about the serious reforms needed there. But we also refer to Transition Towns (minus Manmade Global Warming), harnessing tidal power, and other initiatives, in fact, whatever seems to be of neglected importance in global and local issues.

We meet regularly as a small group.

National defence budgets could easily fund a global programme of education and research for sustainability and cooperation. This would pay for itself, in teaching the electorate to avoid policies based on bad science. We need to know about the world in which we live; we need enough skills to survive; enough self-awareness to know our limitations and be able to listen to others; enough reason to hope; only then can we see what we need to develop. We can little afford to spend our last cheap energy on warfare and mistakes of ignorance, if such action denies our grandchildren a future. Our homespun ingenuity and our scientific creativity may yet solve our pressing issues of population overshoot, energy scarcity, resources depletion, waste, pollution, loss of "connection" and other threats to sustainability by ways as yet unseen. Or we may be facing hardship in a damaged world that cannot sustain us as it has done in the past, without time to recover and readjust.

We have an opportunity to rise to the occasion. The problems may appear to be physical, environmental - but they cannot be solved at this level. The solutions must ultimately come from Great Spirit - and be based in sound science. We all know this in our heart of hearts.

Carbon cycle groups sitting

"What can I do?"
Learn - Research - Participate - Help!

group in Africa
world group

Peak Oil says that we have used up more than half of what is available; and that what's left will cost more and more to extract. Global economy has come to depend on oil. But - how true is this? Who stands to gain by supporting Peak Oil?
One gallon of petrol drives a car for 20-30 miles;
pushing it that far is several weeks' labour.

Peak Oil says that we have no alternative but to plan for a "lean energy" future where we will use far less energy altogether. It is perhaps healthy to think like this. Alternative energy sources can only meet part of our present demand, likewise hydrogen, coal, and bio-fuels, which have other problems as well; and even if the waste problems were solved, nuclear energy is not a sustainable alternative in its present form. However, there may be other possibilities, known in potential to Science or to so-called "pseudoscience". All today's Science was once "pseudoscience".

Climate Change - Green World Trust says that

  • past CO2 levels always followed temperature changes (up to 800 yr delay)
  • the oceans and biosphere are the great regulators of CO2
  • human CO2 emissions are tiny by comparison with the natural flux
  • the CO2 rise has benefited plant growth everywhere
  • alarmism is promoted for many reasons, both selfish and "for the greater good"*
  • there is NO abnormal sea level rise
  • there is no increase in extreme weather but insurance claims are rising
  • raise us a scare story and we can raise you its disproof, plus why it arose.

* Dumbledore and Grindelwald, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Many good allround scientists say that there is no threat of manmade global warming,

  • malaria is behaving as normal in hot and cold climates, there is no climate influence,
  • polar bears have greatly increased their numbers,
  • glaciers have been receding since the Little Ice Age,
  • Pacific islands are not sinking - they are building too much and they want money,
  • Antarctic ice has increased as much as Arctic ice has decreased,
  • politician Al Gore's film is totally either untrue or misleading,
  • there are many navigators' stories of less ice in the Arctic than today,
  • carbon dioxide has always followed temperature in geological times,
  • the Sun's unusual activity over the last century has been the prime cause of the high temperatures reached,
  • and the rest is due to the Urban Heat Island effect and other station problems,
  • we've had even higher temperatures in recent historical times,
  • temperatures are now falling globally,
  • newspapers sell scare stories,
  • "global warming" related alarms get research grants,
  • IPCC has a political agenda, that sought to discredit CO2 right from the start...

Transition Towns are developing creative ways forward, where ordinary people can participate, can plan energy descent, to cope with "worst case" scenarios, can plan to relocalize - which also re-empowers people as individuals. We can do an "oil vulnerability audit" or similar, for our business. They would be wonderful if they did not have a totalitarian attitude that is suppressing the good science that shows we have no climate warming problem.

Joanna Macy
  The Great Turning set in historical context - very concise
Richard Heinberg
  Peak Oil and the coming crunch - Part 1 and Part 2
Rob Hopkins 
  Transition Towns - the positive response to Peak Oil and Climate Change - building resilience and re-localizing - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Bob Carter
  Australian professor gives a short overview on the difficulties of assessing the true state of the climate and developing a true and unpolitical Climate Science

This website - We keep on returning "back to basics" as increasing awareness keeps on challenging what we believed and supported previously! Like Dumbledore with Grindelwald, we had to do a complete U-turn regarding Climate Science, which we now regard as officially supremely corrupt. This meant that sadly, despite begging for them to be open (as they believed themselves to be), better grounded in basic Science, Scientific Method, and ability to detect B***S***, we were no longer able to support Transition Towns as before.

  • Welcome - (1) our mission (2) The challenges + "What Can I Do?" - (3) Key introductory videos (4) Website guide (5) Support. If you have problems with what we say, please tell us. If you like what we do, please tell others.
  • Our Local Community - (1) our local group (2) news (3) Building Community
  • Transition Towns Read about this practical, positive, grassroots initiative to relocalize, reskill, and build resilience in the face of coming energy shocks, but beware the suppression of good science.
  • Awakening - we've put together earlier personal and spiritual material, with material for the "inner Transition" - often a journey from despair to empowerment. Some will relate to these pages more than others.
  • Links - almost an encyclopedic annotated list of links to many vital organizations, approximately grouped by subject with those of greatest importance at the beginning. It's difficult to keep this source uptodate!
  • Key Information - "snappy facts".
  • Climate Science - a massive deconstruction of the current official Climate Science, and a detailed exploration and validation of all the climate sceptics' issues - and answers to alarmist "warmists" who "debunk" us "deniers".
  • Alternative Energies - locally, tidal energy research has new ideas; globally, there are many new ideas; oil needs to be conserved and used with far more foresight for possible future shortages.
  • Natural Solutions Find a starter for Permaculture here; also an integrated plan to squeeze out private transport and phase in public transport; also "bright ideas" new proposals for energy generation.
  • About Us - See how tiny a group we really are!


Updated 22 October 2010

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