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Green Solutions and Pipedreams:  "Think Global Act Local"

Portal page for a wide range of bright ideas, key concepts, visions, and proposals. Please send us your "solutions" for Transition - use the Forum.

Transition Towns (portal page) there is a wealth of information here

Permaculture: See its increasing contribution, especially in permacultural thinking and design, to solve global sustainability problems locally. Permaculture provides the bedrock of the whole Transition Towns approach and wisdom.

Energy projects/solutions, tidal and other see the "Energy" section of the website

Climate Science (cutting-edge research) see the "Science" section of the website

Appropedia "is the site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development." Water * Food/Agriculture * Health/Safety * Culture/Community * Knowledge * Energy * Construction/Materials * Transport

Some key solutions, visions, and pipedreams

Greening the Desert - reclaiming desert near the Dead Sea - much of the planet's deserts could be greened, quickly

Integrated reform for Transport and Oil / Petroleum

Aronia - a naturally ecological plant we will need

Join the best natural beekeeping forum on the web!


Chief Seattle's speech "This Earth is Precious"

The Power of Community - How Cuba survived her own Peak Oil crisis - adopting permaculture principles.

Can Britain feed itself? (interesting - needs more verifying)

Organic food - why do we need it?

This won't work for everyone, but it is one man's solution. A straw-bale house built by Steve James in 10 months for under £4000. Visit him here or read the Independent article here


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