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with Bumper Stickers

I thought it would be fun to develop a series of bumper stickers, to provide some real education, and counter the current weighting of disinformation, with teeth-grinding nonsense in the media and ostracism in the official science. Now with draconian legislation pending, it seems high time to go for stickers. Designs nos 37-45 all bear the caption "No tax on CO2 - the GAS OF LIFE".

I've set this page up so that YOU can turn the designs here directly into your own bumper stickers. Click on the thumbnails you like, and download the full size designs to your computer. Then go to Zazzle:- (USA) or (UK)
and simply follow instructions. My designs are the right size. I found Zazzle via ICECAP - but prefer my own designs.

If anyone wishes, I can change some (I saved the layers). I've done a blank WUWT sticker for you to add captions.

I've tried to look for things that no AGW subscriber can fairly say "Cherrypicking" to. I've tried to keep courtesy but at the same time call a spade a spade. But please tell me if I've got something wrong or offensive, or have missed something important. I'd like to know which you like best.

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Updated 23rd June 2009



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