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Skeptics Assemble Good Evidence ~~~~ AGW relating to Skeptics

Climate Change Debate

Skeptics Assemble Good Evidence

Friendly, short Introductions
Prof Bob Carter "Climate Change - has it been cancelled?" (U-tube)
Dr David Evans "I devoted six years to carbon accounting"
A page of climate skeptic videos, serious & fun
Keen's Global Warming Quiz
Top Scientists talk about the problem
Prof Akasofu "Why has "global warming" become such a passionate subject? - Let's not lose our cool"
Prof Akasofu "Misleading Information on Global Warming"
Prof Lindzen - the increasing vulnerability to corruption "Climate Science: is it currently designed to answer questions?"
Skeptics' Handbooks & Resources to answer AGW arguments
Joanne Nova "Skeptics' Handbook" - keeping clearly to the key issues, in meeting AGW arguments
Alan Cheetham Global Warming Science - a beautiful and powerful resource for the key Science, for good skeptic links, and good books
Warren Meyer "Skeptical Layman's Guide to AGW" of Climate Skeptic - excellent science + debunks of New Scientist's debunks of skeptics
Science-led Primer told as a story of discovery
Lucy Skywalker "Curious Anomalies in Climate Science" - my U-turn as I discovered the real science hidden away
Science-led Primers
Ric Werme "Science, Method, Climatology, and Forgetting the Basics" good intro. to good scientific thinking
James Peden "The Great Global Warming Hoax" good introduction with good science
Ken Gregory "Climate Change Science"
Nicola Scafetta "Climate Change and its Causes" highly scientific 56-page document + many appendices
David Pratt "The Global Warming Scare"
Alan Cheetham "Global Warming - a very brief summary"
Steven Milloy "The Real Inconvenient Truth - Some facts about greenhouse and global warming"
NCPA "A Global Warming Primer" - the science is reasonable
Alker & Haave "Cause & Effect" lead you through the science to disprove the two bases of the AGW hypothesis
Science Primers with a Political Edge
Petition Project "summary of peer-reviewed research"
Dr John Everett "Global Climate Change Facts: The Truth, The Consensus, and the Skeptics"
US Congress guide: "Skeptic's Guide to An Inconvenient Truth" pdf
US Rep. Inhofe: "Hot & Cold Media Spin Cycle" - skeptics' guide to debunking GW alarmism
CEI: Global Warming FAQ Short and sweet, reasonably well referenced.
Challenges of "Scandal!"
Top scientist Jaworowski "CO2: the greatest scientific scandal of our time"
Prof Segalstad Carbon cycle modelling and the construction of the "Greenhouse Effect Global Warming dogma"
Dr Vincent Gray Spinning the Climate: the IPCC story
Monckton throws down the gauntlet regarding IPCC corruption of Science Hockey Stick? What Hockey Stick?
Warren Meyer of Climate Skeptic "A Layman's Guide to Manmade Global Warming"
Environmentalist Lawrence Solomon's book on top scientists "The Deniers". Listen to his story here
Unstoppable Global Warming by Fred Singer - basically indispensible, good science, with a few weak spots.
Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed by Chris Horner
Climate Confusion: How Global Warming Hysteria Leads to Bad Science... and Misguided Policies that Hurt the Poor by Roy Spencer

More Information

Over 800 peer-reviewed papers supporting skepticism of "Man-Made" Global Warming (AGW) Alarm

Climate For You (Prof Ole Humlum) - a beautiful website to learn real Climate Science
Global Warming Science - a beautiful source for the real Climate Science, tackling the issues misrepresented by AGW
Atmospheric CO2 and Global Warming (Jaworowski & Segalstad) - top scientists, brilliant science on the key issues

ICECAP - news from all skeptic sources, plus library with prime websites and some important articles/papers
Global Warming Science - ALSO a brilliant portal for links to good skeptics' websites and good books published

Climate Debate Daily Headlines, balanced exactly between Consensus and Skeptics, + excellent long list of websites

"OFFICIAL SCIENCE" (AGW) "ANSWERS TO SKEPTICS" - these are included because
- skeptics need to know what the "consensus" believes and argues, before they can possibly claim to know better
- skeptics need to know of "straw man" arguments commonly used by "consensus" to prove skeptics are mistaken

Climate Skeptic Layman's Guide chapter 9 replies to each of New Scientists' 20 "answers to skeptics"


Junk Science - Global Warming at a Glance (excellent info despite the name)
Global Warming Science original, scientific, creative, with links to other individualistic websites
Senator Inhofe's list of 700 (Mar 2009) and rising prominent sceptical scientists
The Other Side of the Global Warming debate - a first-rate list of articles, listed by which AGW myth they discuss

Now Join the Debate

RealClimate - prime pro-AGW blog - links only to other pro-CAGW blogs - most skeptic posts get rejected

Skeptical Science The best of consensus-managed open debate - which unfortunately does not say much
How to talk to a Climate Skeptic Open to courteous comments from all sides and contain some interesting dialogue, despite the dismissive titles

WattsUpWithThat - prime meeting-place for skeptics - links to blogs both pro and anti - all courteous relevant posts are accepted, AGW or skeptic

Climate Audit - first-class blog, science actually happens here - links to blogs both pro and anti

Note that there is rather more openness, pursuit of science, and courtesy on the sceptics' blogs than can be found on the consensus blogs, in general. Of course there are exceptions and nobody is perfect. But the science is what we need.

Be aware too that although the consensus are quick to cry "oil-funded!" to skeptics, more often the reverse is the case, namely that skeptics cannot get funding at all, and certainly not from oil companies who don't want their name tarred any further; moreover, there is seldom mention of oil or other big businesses that are known funders of the "consensus"; often, name-calling simply hides the lack of investigation of the science itself.

AGW relating to Skeptics

Consensus websites explain climate science and "debunk the skeptics"

* BBC asks What's a Sceptic? ----> questionnaire, "belief", divergence, no science quoted
* BBC Climate scepticism - the Top Ten compiled with advice from Fred Singer & Gavin Schmidt
* Coby Beck at Gristmill: How to answer a Climate Change Skeptic
* Skeptical Science: 52 skeptics' arguments with its own Top Ten
* UK Meteorological Office:Climate Change Myths
* New Scientist: Climate Change: A guide for the perplexed (27 issues)
* Royal Society: Climate Change controversies
* RealClimate: Responses to common contrarian arguments - Index of their posts
* Natural Environment Research Council (UK): Summary of the debate
* Union of Concerned Scientists - Past, Present, and Future Temperatures: the Hockeystick FAQ

Gristmill at least has open debate on the threads; but AGW predominates, not surprisingly when it lists topics by:-

Stages of Denial There's Nothing Happening, We Don't Know Why it's Happening, Climate Change is Natural / Not Bad / Can't Be Stopped
Scientific Topics Temp, Atmosphere, Extreme Events, Cryosphere, Oceans, Modelling, Climate Forcings, Palaeo-Climate, Scientific Process
Types of Argument Uninformed, Misinformed, Cherry Picking, Urban Myths, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) Non-scientific, Crackpottery
Levels of Sophistication Silly, Naive, Specious, Scientific.

Skeptical Science - a rare AGW site with some good debate, with input from both sides; "contents" list:-

List of skeptics' arguments by frequency of use
01 It's the sun
02 Climate's changed before
03 There is no consensus
04 Surface temp is unreliable
05 Models are unreliable
06 It's cooling
07 Ice age predicted in the 70's
08 Al Gore got it wrong
09 CO2 lags temperature
10 We're heading into an ice age
11 Antarctica is cooling/gaining ice
12 Global warming is good
13 It hasn't warmed since 1998
14 Hurricanes aren't linked to global warming
15 Mars is warming
16 1934 - hottest year on record
17 It's cosmic rays
18 It's freaking cold!
19 It's Urban Heat Island effect
20 Other planets are warming
21 Greenland was green
22 Hockey stick debunked
23 Water vapor is the most powerful greenhouse gas
24 We're coming out of an ice age
25 Mt. Kilimanjaro's ice loss is due to land use
26 It cooled mid-century
27 It warmed before 1940 when CO2 was low
28 Human CO2 is a tiny % of CO2 emissions
29 Satellites show no warming in the troposphere
30 Climate sensitivity is low
31 Glaciers are growing
Oceans are cooling
33 Greenland is cooler/gaining ice
34 There is no empirical evidence
35 Neptune is warming
36 Scientists can't even predict the weather
37 Jupiter is warming
38 Less than half of published scientists endorse global warming
39 It's aerosols
40 It's the ocean
CO2 measurements are suspect
42 It's Pacific Decadal Oscillation
43 It's volcanoes (or lack thereof)
44 It's methane
45 It's Solar Cycle Length
46 Naomi Oreskes' study on consensus was flawed
47 Solar cycles cause global warming
48 Water levels correlate with sunspots
49 The sun is getting hotter
50 It's the ozone layer

For "deniers" who persist, see what Climate Progress have to say.
Hidden connections are "exposed" at Sourcewatch and other places - but are they correct???
Scholars and Rogues A Thorough Debunking
BBC Latest 2008 hockey stick revived


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