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Get FIT & make money

For the first time ever the Government has committed itself to paying people to be "Green". The previous government introduced the FIT allowance which enables people to be paid for generating their own electricity. Now, at least one company, has introduced a scheme which means that you can have Solar PV panels installed FREE of CHARGE. They benefit from taking the FIT allowance and you benefit from substantially reduced electricity bills. If you can afford the initial capital outlay to pay for your own installation you would be better off to do so since the return on capital invested in the FIT scheme is better than the returns from annuities and most other forms of investment. See ECO finance


Our questions to the Prime Minister

Can Mr Cameron explain why he has, at a stroke, undermined the efforts of all those who are working on the problem of sourcing and implementing sustainable/renewable energy from the Severn. His recent decision to approve 8 new nuclear plants of a design which has already run into problems and is proving to be far more expensive and taking much longer to build than initially quoted would seem to be political rather than practical.

We are aware that nuclear and fossil fuel plants are necessary in the short to medium term but equally important is the continuation of research and experimentation into reliable "Green" energy. We applaud his decision to continue supporting the advancement of wind energy souces but these are erratic at best. Britain is blessed with the potential for generating power from Tidal Flow and Tidal Rise and Fall, both of which have the capability of producing reliable and predictable energy.

Can Mr Cameron tell us what justification he has for his total rejection of the use of the river Severn to generate power. As our website shows the rise and fall of the Severn estuary has the capacity to produce the same amount of energy as 6/8 nuclear power stations. Has he rejected this because he has failed to do his homework on the subject or has he been influenced by corporate financial and/or political considerations. See also


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