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James Twyman &
The Beloved Community
  "claims its lineage from the group known as “The Community of the Beloved Disciple,” founded by St. John the Apostle. It is the root of many other groups throughout history, including the Cathars (aka the “Church of Love”), and the Knights Templar. Our goal is to fulfill the commission Jesus gave to St. John, asking him to reunite the feminine and masculine aspects of the Christ. "
Peace Direct   "supports grass roots peacebuilding in conflict areas - people who stands up in their own community and finds a solution to the conflict within it.  Their most powerful tool is knowledge. Knowledge of the system. Knowledge of the history. Knowledge of the people. Knowledge of the culture. Every conflict is different. That’s why the local knowledge they possess is vital. Our core values are: respect for the expertise of practitioners in conflict areas; non-violence; transparency; and partnership working."
Global Neighbours   "you can help a community in a developing country here and now, together with other online volunteers (Neighbours), by sharing your skills, knowledge and contacts, in direct contact with the local community, so you will see the results of your actions with your own eyes"
United Planet   an international educational charity to foster cross-cultural understanding and friendship, support communities in need, and promote social & economic prosperity among cultures in order to unite the world in a community beyond borders. It undertakes a diverse and creative range of educational, humanitarian, and peace-building initiatives.
Elder Wisdom Circle  

FREE Advice: Our Elders can help with most any problem providing a personalized reply to each request. Our service is totally confidential and easy to use. We are one of the largest providers of personal advice anywhere. Our mission is to promote and share elder know-how and accumulated wisdom. We also have a goal of elevating the perceived value and worth of our senior community.

Wisdom Circles   "We each contain an enduring spark of the wisdom at the heart of all creation. Isolated and unsupported, it is small. United with others, the sparks grow into a flame of illumination and strength for all. The strength which sustains and renews each of us also sustains and renews our communities, our organizations, our environment, the Earth. Gathering in wisdom circles enables us to move deeply into ourselves, into that core which continues to survive, hope, dream, and carry on."
Fourth Freedom Forum   "to encourage discussion, development and dissemination of ideas that will free humanity from the fear of war. The emphasis is on barring armed aggression and eliminating nuclear and other weapons of mass murder through enforceable international law... Using economic incentives and sanctions "
Nonviolence   " continues without any funding, attracting a larger audience every year. I’ve realized more and more that this is a ministry. As a Quaker I’m committed to spreading the good news that war is unnecessary. In my personal life this is a matter of faith in the “power that takes away occassion for all war.” I draw on all the practical and pragmatic reasons why war is wrong."


Green Spirit   "Celebrates all life as deeply connected and sacred... brings together the rigour of science, the freedom of creativity, the passion of social action and the wisdom of spiritual traditions of all ages. Our activities combine the full potential of the human spirit and imagination with our passion for the survival of the diversity of life on Earth."
Big Green Gathering   "is the biggest UK festival focused on Green issues. It is for people who care about health, the environment, sustainability, our children's future and life in general. It is a celebration of our natural world and our place within it. Unhealthy activities are not encouraged. The only things taken in excess should be love, peace, joy, and friendship."
Rainbow 2000   one of the best of a growing number of summer camps (UK - but now everywhere) with creative, holistic, ecological, recycling, activist, healing, transformational spiritual and practical themes
Diggers and Dreamers   "The definitive guide to communal living in Britain." - and these places are always centres of excellence for networking and developing sustainability ideas and practice!
Friends of the Earth   "an environmental campaign group - one of the best... We seek to influence policy and practice by: 1) Working local to global - from our 200+ local groups to 70+ International groups; 2) Solutions based research - we find credible alternatives; 3) Enabling campaigning - we provide information and tools so people like you can act."
Green Net   "an ISP dedicated to groups and individuals working for peace, human rights and the environment through the use of information and communication technologies. It also provides an important gateway for small, indigenous networks in African and Asian countries."
World Wide Fund for Nature   "the world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organisation; a truly global network, working in more than 90 countries; a challenging, constructive, science-based organisation that addresses issues from the survival of species and habitats to climate change, sustainable business and environmental education."
Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) UK   "to accelerate resource efficiency by creating efficient markets for recycled materials and products, while removing barriers to waste minimisation, re-use and recycling. Reducing waste at home, promoting home composting, working with the big retailers, running an advisory service to councils, providing support for the composting industry, and generally raising public awareness."
Earth Healing   "Our principal service is to offer a Daily Reflection on pertinent subjects. A variety of essays and poems appear here as well. The Earth Healing website has new content daily and we are continually preparing new materials, so we invite you visit us often!"


Sustainability Institute   "We focus on understanding the root causes of unsustainable behavior in complex systems to help restructure systems and shift mindsets that will help move human society toward sustainability. We conduct stakeholder-based systems analysis and change projects. We facilitate reflective learning and systems thinking sessions. We develop and conduct capacity building programs for leaders in nonprofits, government, and business."
Wikipedia on Sustainability   "Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written collaboratively by its readers." What a stupendous creation! Includes: Ways of looking at sustainability; Concepts and issues; Types of sustainability; Development sustainability; The Phenomenon of Change Resistance; Sustainability and Competitiveness; Bibliography; and important internal and external links
Sustainable Lifestyle Program   Empowerment Institute: "the world's premiere consulting and training organization specializing in the methodology of empowerment." "The major cause of the continued deterioration of the global environment is the unsustainable patterns of consumption and production, particularly in the industrialized countries. Developed countries must take the lead in achieving sustainable consumption." — UN Agenda 21
Sustainable Community Action   Another Wiki site "This site is for anyone interested in local sustainability, particularly community-run action." "A dynamic process which enables all people to realise their potential and improve their quality of life in ways which simultaneously protect and enhance the Earth's life support systems." - Forum for the Future
WWW virtual library   "Sustainable Development - A comprehensive list of internet sites dealing with sustainable development, including organisations, projects and activities, electronic journals, libraries, references and documents, databases, directories or metadatabases"
Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future   "an international organisation working on sustainable development; supporting the increased involvement of stakeholders in international and national governance processes. It played a key role in the preparations for and follow-up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development. It is the lead organisation in the development and facilitating of multi-stakeholder processes for sustainable development."
Sustainable Living Guide   "activities and choices that can help sustain your health, your spirit, and the planet. Positive, constructive things to do at home, at work, at school, and at play. From cycling to organic gardening... from non-toxic home and garden products, to strawbale homes... from co-ops to ecovillages... "


Practical Action   "Practical Action is the new name for ITDG – the Intermediate Technology Development Group. The name may have changed, but the organisation and the values that we represent remain – practical answers to poverty, sustainable solutions and people focused. With our new name, we hope to be better able to reach out to a new generation of supporters, to help us continue to deliver and develop practical answers to poverty."
The Web Of Hope   "reveals the presence of another world by sharing tools for positive change and celebrating the empowerment they bring. It's official. A state of emergency exists on Planet Earth. As the crisis deepens, the demand for a global resource providing proven solutions will become paramount. By providing the world's first global distillation of 'best practice' role models, or Hopes, The Web of Hope highlights initiatives, projects, mechanisms and technologies which can help us make this shift."
Global Action Plan   "We empower people to live increasingly sustainably – individually, in groups, in communities – at home, school and work – in many countries. Sustainable lifestyle, Sustainable consumption, Sustainable leadership..."
Pioneers of Change   "a global learning network of young people, in their 20's and 30's, who have committed to be themselves, do what matters, start now, engage with others, and never stop asking questions. The "pioneers" include social entrepreneurs, corporate and NGO professionals, civil servants, artists, teachers, and free agents from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds."
The Natural Step   "Since 1988, we have worked to accelerate global sustainability by guiding companies, communities and governments onto an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable path. We work with sustainability experts, scientists, universities, and businesses to create solutions, innovative models and tools that will lead the transition to a sustainable future."
Oxfam (mission)   "We are a catalyst for overcoming poverty. We work on three inter-linking fronts: 1) Saving lives by responding swiftly to provide aid, support and protection during emergencies; 2) Developing programmes and solutions that empower people to work their way out of poverty; 3) Campaigning to achieve lasting change .


    There are many more precious inspirers to action than I can list here, like Alfred the Great, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Rudolf Steiner, Edgar Cayce, Peter and Eileen Caddy, George Trevelyan, Karen Silkwood, Gautama Buddha, and of course Yeshua ben Joseph and Mary Magdalene.  There are many more, some completely unknown to History, whose traces I honour with some of the names below.  There is also the legacy of indigenous peoples, starting with Native American spirituality.
Mahatma Gandhi   "Whenever you are in doubt... apply the following test. Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man whom you may have seen, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him. Will he gain anything by it? Will it restore him to a control over his own life and destiny? In other words, will it lead to swaraj [freedom of rule] for the hungry and spiritually starving millions?"
Simon Peter Fuller - Wholistic World Vision   "Wholistic World Vision was born with the Christ Light for a supreme purpose beyond anything which we even now can visualise. Our aim is the restoration of the planet and the purification of the soul of man. Those working for this cause are ambassadors of a new Universal consciousness leading to a world consensus through harmony."
Wangari Maathai - Green Belt Movement   "The planting of trees is the planting of ideas. By starting with the simple step of digging a hole and planting a tree, we plant hope for ourselves and for future generations. Through the process of mobilizing people to action, GBM addresses a wide range of issues that directly affect the lives of individuals, particularly women, and their families, including education, access to water, equity, and reproductive health. People then begin to stand up for their rights and those of their communities. It is their empowerment that truly leads them to decide to prioritize the environment, good governance, and cultures of peace."
Starhawk   "Because I believe the earth is a living being, because we are all part of that life, because every human being embodies the Goddess, because I have a fierce, passionate love for redwoods and ravens, because clear running water is sacred, I'm an activist. And because the two hundred richest people in the world own as much wealth as the poorest forty percent, because every ecosystem, traditional culture, old growth forest and life support system on the planet is under assault, and because the institutions perpetuating this unjust system are global, I'm kept very busy!"
Peace Pilgrim   "This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love." From 1953 to 1981 a silver haired woman calling herself only "Peace Pilgrim" walked more than 25,000 miles on a personal pilgrimage for peace. She vowed to "remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food."


    This section needs to improve a lot, to become more fully human and embrace things like the Gandhian concept of living, i.e. ahimsa (nonviolence), satyagraha (nonviolent action), swadeshi (self-reliance), swaraj (self-rule) and Sarvodaya (the welfare of all)
The Edge   "an international school for leadership, in which teachers and students from all over the world work together. It is also a mystery school in the tradition of the ancient mystery schools, where you can pass through five different initiation levels."
Leaders' Quest   "an international organisation committed to connecting and developing leaders around the world. Our purpose is to be a catalyst for positive change by inspiring leaders from all sectors of society - business, government and civil society – who want to make a difference in their organisations, communities and the wider world."
SoL: Society for Organizational Learning   "Connecting... to generate capacity for fundamental innovation and change. Developing the researcher, capacity builder and practitioner in each of us! ...thus we can productively resolve our differences; then organizations become truly worthy... SoL's commitment to a reflective and action-oriented learning environment is of crucial value as major global enterprises are faced with decisions with global consequences. "
Berkana Institute   a worldwide community who recognize the need for change in our communities, organizations and nations, offering our leadership to help resolve our most pressing problems. "We define a leader as anyone who wants to help, who is willing to step forward to make a difference in the world. We know that the world is blessed with an abundance of these leaders."
Global Leadership Initiative (Generon)   "a new breed of consulting firm—motivated by a desire to create a sustainable world. We address the most vital challenges by creating breakthrough, system-shifting innovations through the transformation of individual and collective patterns of seeing, thinking, & acting."
Institute of Human Excellence   "the on-going self-development of all people helps them to excel in their chosen field... and to deliver great leadership in the corporate arena. Competition is healthy for it serves to stretch us towards excellence, but it should never override collaboration for the good of the whole."