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Severn Tidal Power Consultation

Severn Tidal Power

From 2008 Government Consultation Paper

There are strict European directives for protecting the environment
Government figures
See our own comparisons here
All current proposals for
Severn tidal energy
*An independent survey was done for the RSPB by Atkins engineering consultants.
** We have calculated this electricity supply cost simply by allowing for the increased output and lower build costs given here. However, the real difference in supply costs between Reef and Barrage is likely to be far greater, owing to the Barrage having severe environmental disruption costs, huge supply top-up costs for the 16 hours each day during which the Barrage would not generate output, and probably high costs for shipping and silting maintenance; the Reef has virtually none of these extra problems. Many Barrage issues are already well-known, from Fundy in Nova Scotia and elsewhere.


Generating costs
of all proposed future energy sources
(from Redpoint 2008, DECC model 2008:
both are unpublished)

Current Government-favoured schemes
The Reef does not figure. Why?

We are not convinced the Reef should be low down in the assessments as the Government place it.
We wonder if the Government is really taking tidal potential seriously, or whether they want to ditch these schemes later on.

DECC assessment - shortened to see key contenders

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