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Tidal Power (more links on this page)  
Intro. with Slow Dual-action Turbines Severn Estuary proposals: Tidal Reef vs Barrage
Save Our Severn : 3rd Generation Tidal Turbines Tidal Reef (Armstrong-Evans)
Parrett Estuary Flood Risk Management ideas (local) Summaries from Government Consultation Paper
Ocean thermal energy conversion
Tidal power (reef)

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion & freshwater source

Freshwater reservoirs as energy suppliers

Kite Jetstream Wind Power - an interesting idea for commercial harnessing of the Jet Stream (esp. above UK & Holland). However, we have reservations about the overall potential since the jetstream is quite a narrow band and it changes its latitude over time (there may be a link with global climate here).

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Energy initiatives & news    
Blewbury Energy Initiative    

Microgeneration now viable

The new tariff for the sale of excess energy produced by Microgeneration (PV Panels, small Wind turbines etc) which has been introduced by the government and is guaranteed for 25 years, will show a return on capital invested of approximately 5% to 9% depending on the installation. All electricity supply companies will be required to purchase microgenerated power.

The grant that will be paid by the government is 21p per unit generated regardless of whether this is exported to the grid or used by the owner, all of the power returned to the grid will have to purchased by the electricity companies and their purchase price will be in addition to the government grant.

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