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We have developed from a friendly idea among friends. Our first name was "Dragonfly Trust". But our vision was global, and "Green World Trust" fitted far better. For a while we were linking with Transition Towns and planning a local TT group. Then the deep underlying corruption of conventional "manmade global warming" climate science became apparent - unfortunately Transition Towns subscribes to this corrupted hypothesis. For the record, we subscribe to the notion of climate changing, but not to the notion that it is in runaway warming mode, nor that carbon dioxide is responsible for any more than a tiny fraction of the warming that has been, a fraction too small to even measure reliably. We live in Somerset, UK. As you can see, we are ordinary human beings (well, we get our doubts about that too sometimes), just like you:


I deal with financial viability, gemstones, and models
Lucy Skywalker
I want to wake everyone up. But this starts with me - waking up to the corrupt "manmade global warming" theory!
My interests are ecology, caving, and permaculture
I follow a holistic approach, I love the planet, I love its people, and I do what I can.
I am pagan and I care about the planet
I love travelling the planet and meeting new people

We thought it would be good to meet up regularly. It often seems difficult to get hold of the issues without getting swamped. But just by supporting each other, we can achieve important milestones. We created a charter for Planetary Citizenship. We have fun. We feel we've found something precious that we want to share.

We started by using the "Wisdom Circles" format. This was simple, yet it gave us a foundation to build up trust. We needed that, because we had - and may still have - our rocky moments. In facing planetary issues, we hit our vulnerable places. So knowing that we would support each other through these places was very important.

And suddenly we found that we were flying.



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