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Our core group is tiny. But we meet each week to develop our sense of citizenship and sustainability, and how to cope creatively with seemingly impossible planetary challenges.

We have very ordinary experiences, hopes, problems and challenges.
And we have visions

We believe "Think Global Act Local" translated to a local support groups network and a global information network. And we believe in transparent, accountable science - especially with regard to Climate Science.


Green World Trust 
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The Green World Trust have been in existence for about 6 years. We see our principal task to be that of promoting public awareness of the true nature of the major threats to the survival of the human race, the need to change the way we live and use these precious resources in order to have a real future, and the ways we can support each other in making this change.

We want to encourage groups to start everywhere, without people being prevented through limited resources of time or money. We support the “Transition Towns” initiative as a means of bringing about the lifestyle changes which will make it possible to re-introduce a more localized economy and cope with the reduction in available energy. We support the intentions of Transition Towns while not subscribing to their view of anthropogenic climate change.

Whilst much of our work is of global importance, we are also very involved with the imminent and long-term problems of the local area. We firmly support the proposal to construct a Severn Tidal Energy Reef between Minehead and Aberthaw. This could be used to protect the lowlands from flooding and the coastal areas from freak tides, and would have the capability of providing as much electrical generating power as 4-5 nuclear power stations. All this would be without the need for the use of the dwindling supply of Uranium, without the need to rebuild every 30 years, and without producing “dirty” waste material that has the potential to create great and long lasting pollution.

Other works that we have been involved with include the presentation to the Government of an integrated transport scheme for the whole of England and a new-build housing plan to increase the number of low-rent, affordable homes. The latter scheme was taken up by the housing minister at the time and put into operation by several Councils.

We try to put before the public and the governments of the world,
a balanced view of those things which affect the future of planet earth, and humankind, without being influenced by corporate greed, political convenience, "NIMBY"-ism*, and emotive issues.
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* Nimby = "Not In My Back Yard"

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