Green World Trust

Creative responses to
global issues eg
Climate Science,
Deep Ecumenism, Breakthrough Energy



“Helping People Help the Planet”



To liaise with good initiatives whose aims are to
redirect humanity's energies toward true sustainability,
awareness of our present state, and what we can do

To build up a neutral source of key information, for beginners as well as experts,
including information on basic Climate Science and the real climate issues

To put forward scientifically, ecologically and socially sustainable
"solutions", visions, pipedreams and projects,
including new energy-harvesting proposals
and ways of grading / taxing / rationing consumer products
according to how planet-friendly they are "from cradle to grave"

To liaise with our locality, Somerset UK,
to explore local tidal energy potential and problems

To assist those in need, in part by listening,
and offering Life Coaching and Counselling


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