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Originally trained in biological and medical sciences, I eventually studied environmental science in Plymouth and Trent University Canada, where I teamed up with other post-graduates to form CARMA, an organisation pooling our commercial skills in ecology/conservation.

Projects included a business proposal for a small scale Hydro-electricity production on the Otonoby river Ontario. CARMA is now absorbed into the Green World Trust, and I am now attached to the Bristol University.
In addition to my science background I have always had an ecology conservation lifestyle and help with the sustainable build firm Timber Routes.

Trained in Permaculture Design, I helped the running of smallholdings and the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers groups. I currently help look after a small reserve with GWT volunteers. Campaign work includes being a national spokesperson on nuclear decommissioning for Parents Concerned About Hinkley (PCAH) and the Severn Estuary Partnership.

Expeditions and diving:
I have studied caves and jungles around the world, helped with an eco-development partnership for self-employed Jamaican fishers, and a bat study for Malaysian forest conservation organisations.

My volunteer and low pay work includes, working for the Devon Wildlife Trust as a Marine Warden at Wembury Bay and at Secret World animal rescue centre.

For a variety of reason, including helping plan expeditions, I founded the 16thly gatherings. Every 16th of every month we meet at a venue decided monthly, thus encouraging new faces. There is no formal structure and the open meetings can follow any topic. Some sessions are musical and magical; some just glorified coffee evenings. There is no guarantee who attends; It may be up to you how good it is and whoever else attends. Some limited tele-conferencing facilities may be available and messages for those who can’t make it. Sometimes people book and car-pool to go to an interesting event or a film. A 16th can act as a surgery for people wanting to report back on recent conferences. Usually we just have fun. Most are in the British West Country, the biggest was near Budapest and twinned with Burnham-on-Sea. Come as you are and expect - Anything.

Colin Rogers.